Our Services

  • Offset Printing
    Offset Printing

    Annual reports are a direct reflection of your company. Be sure yours say "professional" and "trustworthy." We'll deliver exactly what your business needs to make the right impression at the right time.

  • Digital Printing
    Digital Printing

    A big area calls for a big statement. And that's exactly what we deliver with every banner we print.

  • Ad Specialty
    Ad Specialty

    With professional design and printing, our brochures are sure to sell. From the big idea to the small details, our team has years of experience to get the job done.

  • Mailing Services
    Mailing Services

    Your business card is a direct reflection of your company. Don't settle for plain paper and dull designs when we can create cards that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Bindery Services
    Bindery Services

    Creating business forms can be a hassle—so why not let us handle it for you? We'll help you boost your brand's image with professionally designed business forms, purchase orders, invoices and more.

  • Design & Marketing
    Design & Marketing

    One of your most important selling tools may be a professionally printed catalog. We'll help you showcase your products in the best way possible with a high-quality catalog you'll be proud to distribute.

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PrintSouth Printing, Inc. is a full-service printing company in West Columbia, South Carolina, offering offset printing and digital printing capabilities. We offer custom die-cutting and foil services as well as multiple binding styles for booklets both small and large. Additionally, we offer advertising specialty solutions allowing us to provide our clients a huge assortment of products including writing pens, banners, tote bags, t-shirts, corporate gifts, and crystal awards among other custom imprinted items. We team up with you to bring expert knowledge and experience to help make your brand stand out.

QuarkXPress Keyboard Shortcuts

QuarkXPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts for QuarkXPress can help you quickly navigate through the multitude of palettes. The following are commonly used:

New Project Command+N
New Library Command+Option+N
Open Command+O
Close Command+W
Save Command+S
Save As Command+Shift+S
Import Command+E
Export Layout as PDF Command+Option+P
Export Page as EPS Command+Option+Shift+S
Print Command+P
Undo Command+Z
Redo Command+Y, Command+Z
Cut Command+X
Copy Command+C
Paste Command+V
Paste without Formatting Command+Option+V
Paste In Place Command+Option+Shift+V
Select All Command+A
Find/Change Command+F
Paragraph pane Command+Option+Y
Trapping pane Option+Shift+F12
Tools pane Double-click tool in the Tools palette
Style Sheets Shift+F11
Colors Shift+F12
Type Plain Command+Shift+P
Type Bold Command+Shift+B
Type Italic Command+Shift+I
Type Underline Command+Shift+U
Type Word Underline Command+Shift+W
Type Strikethrough Command+Shift+/
Type Double Strikethrough Command+Option+Shift+/
Type Outline Command+Shift+O
Type Shadow Command+Shift+Y
Type All Caps Command+Shift+K
Type Small Caps Command+Shift+H
Type Superscript Command+Shift+=
Type Subscript Command+Shift+ - (hyphen)
Type Superior Command+Shift+V
Type Character Attributes Command+Shift+D
Align Text Left Command+Shift+L
Align Text Centered Command+Shift+C
Align Text Right Command+Shift+R
Align Text Justified Command+Shift+J
Align Text Forced Command+Option+Shift+J
Leading Command+Shift+E
Tabs Command+Shift+T
Rules Command+Shift+N
Center Picture Command+Shift+M
Stretch Picture to Fit Box Command+Shift+F
Scale Picture to Box (Proportionally) Command+Option+Shift+F
Modify Command+M
Frame Command+B
Runaround Command+T
Clipping Command+Option+T
Drop Shadow Command+Option+Shift+D
Duplicate Command+D
Step and Repeat Command+Option+R
Delete Command+K
Group Command+G
Ungroup Command+U
Lock Position/Unlock Position F6
Send to Back Shift+F5
Bring to Front F5
Bring Forward Option+Item > Bring to Front or Option+F5
Send Backward Option+Item > Send to Back or Option+Shift+F5
Go to Page dialog box Command+J
Fit in Window Command+0 (zero)
Actual Size Command+1
Thumbnails Shift+F6 or Option+Shift+F6
Display/hide Guides F7
Display/hide Page Grids Option+F7
Display/hide Text Box Grids Command+Option+F7
Snap to Guides Shift+F7
Snap to Page Grids Option+Shift+F7
Display/hide Rulers Command+R
Display/hide Invisibles Command+I
Check Spelling > Word/Selection Command+L
Fonts pane Command+F6 or F13
Pictures pane Command+Option+F6 or Option+F13

Click here for a downloadable pdf file of these QuarkXPress keyboard shortcuts.

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