Coordinating Your Marketing Plan Across Multiple Divisions

Marketing a singular product can be an uphill task. Creating a plan that stays consistent and focused on one goal is hard enough work, but if you have more than one product, or have multiple divisions to coordinate, it is seemingly impossible to keep track of. Here is a list of 7 ways to keep a tight grasp on your marketing campaigns across multiple divisions.

Establish Goals
Create goals that each division can agree on and produce your marketing with these goals in mind. This will help unite the divisions and create a mutual success that each division can attain and share between the groups. Having and reaching clear marked goals can also allow the divisions to share their experiences and how the goal was reached.

Separate Buyer Personas
Not every consumer looks the same across each division. Once you have established your buyer personas, be sure to assign them to the division that would best fit their needs. It’s possible that they need to be approached with marketing from multiple divisions. If that is the case, be sure not to overwhelm them with too much information at one time.

Keep a Calendar
Have a calendar that you can share within your divisions. You should already have a calendar set up with your marketing plan, but if you don’t want to share that one with everyone, create a new one that people can look at. With all the dates of mailings and marketing events in one central place, everyone will know what is happening and when. Just be sure to notify your divisions when things change.

Share the Information
Always keep your sales force up to date on any specials, sales or promotions. If there are specific points your are trying to accomplish with the marketing items, be sure to explain these points to your sales people or anyone involved in communicating with your clients or leads. Doing this will benefit in two ways. First it will help your sales people be able to explain and sell your ideas, and second, it will give you feedback from sales on ways to enhance the campaign.

Get Feedback
Once a marketing campaign or promotion has ended, be sure to gather your teams together to hear how it was received by potential clients. This valuable feedback will help you with future projects and give your teams a chance to be a part of the marketing effort. Be sure to listen to the points made during these meetings and implement them to best meet the needs of future clients.

Educate your salesforce
Marketing leads are different than your normal sales leads. Your salesforce may be trained to go after sales leads and if they can not make a sell, move on. But a marketing lead has probably already been exposed to your company from either from visits to your website, social media or they may have read your blog posts.

A salesperson may need to change the way they think about these leads. If a sell can not be made immediately, then they will need to keep the lead on their radar and find creative ways to approach them at a later date.

Don’t Lose Leads
Once a campaign is over and you’ve met with your sales team to discuss the outcome, be sure to keep track of leads who did not funnel to sales. These leads need to be a part of your next campaign or at least stay on your radar for future contact. Even if the lead becomes a sale in one division, they could still be a possibility for another division.

Sticking to these steps will help you be able to coordinate your marketing across multiple divisions. The key to success is being able to plan, execute that plan, be willing to change your plan, and open communication with sales and the marketing department.

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