Designing for Print: Remittance Envelopes

Remittance envelopes are generally used for money collection, fundraising and charity collections. They differ from other envelopes as they are usually printed on both sides and are sealed by the receiver and not the sender.

The large flap of the envelope, serves to cover information that is required of the recipient to fill out. This information usually includes contact info and sometimes account or donation data. Any information that is sensitive needs to be printed on the inside of the envelope, with the return address and mailing address on the outside.

Many times a remittance envelope will be stitched into the middle of a magazine or brochure asking for donations or money for a service. Recipients will include a check or money order, seal the envelope and mail it back to the sender. An indicia or place for a stamp is printed on the outside top right hand corner of the remittance envelope.

It is best to print remittance envelopes in black or a very dark color. Because of mailing regulations, if an envelope is printed with a light color, then the post office will have trouble sending the envelope out and your donations or payment will not reach its destination. If you do not need the remittance envelope to be mailed, you can choose an envelope color that is different than white.

What are remittance envelope sizes?
The most common sizes are 6.25 (6”x3.5”), 6.75 (6.5”x3.625”) and 9 (8.875”x3.875”). * These sizes are only the closed size.

When designing remittance envelopes, you have to keep in mind what areas the glue will affect. On the inside, you need to have a ⅝ (.625”) area at the bottom that is free of text or graphics. This is where the flap will glue when the receiver mails the envelope back. This same area will need to be clear of text or graphics at the top of the envelope flap for the same reason. There is also a ¼” area (throat area) at the fold of the envelope that is to remain blank.

To help you in your designs, please use these remittance envelope templates:

6 ¼ Remittance Envelope

6 ¾ Remittance Envelope

9 Remittance Envelope

Envelopes are a major part of any business. Any envelopes that are to be mailed need to be printed to certain specifications in order to be processed by the post office. Using these remittance envelope templates will help you to properly design envelopes.

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