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Follow these guidelines to help you remain consistent when naming files or folders.

We put together a quick list of our favorite summer marketing ideas to help you get ready for the hot sales season coming up. Here’s how to prepare for summer marketing.

If your company uses large graphics, posters, banners and point of purchase (P.O.P.) displays for marketing and advertising, your service provider needs to have a large format printer. Here are a few popular uses of large format printing.

Digital printing is a great option for print projects with low quantities or variable data. Take a look at the pros and cons of running your project on a digital press.

Should your business have a mobile app? Today we dive in and explore some of the reasoning behind having—or not having—a mobile app for a small business.

Find out how digital printing on linen and laid finish papers produces different results from offset printing in this article.

Here is a how-to guide to properly setting up your Adobe PhotoShop document for printing at a commercial print shop.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 13th. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage with consumers by celebrating a day for the mothers in their lives.

Want to learn more about data merge in Adobe InDesign? Follow these steps to merge data into your InDesign document.

Do you know the difference between reader spreads and printer spreads? Find out in today's blog post.

Vehicle branding is an exceptional form of advertising medium with few downsides. For just one single startup cost, your vehicle can expose a multitude of people to the business every single day.

Small business competition is tough. Use these steps to say in the lead.

When fiverr.com first came on the scene, graphic designers were up in arms against it. But are sites like fiverr and 99designs bad? We look at the positives and negatives in this blog article.

Without strong content, a blog can quickly fall apart. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Today we discuss seven post ideas for your business blog.

Is your logo your brand? Not exactly. We look at what makes up a brand in today's blog post.

Use these ideas for ways to stay connected with your clients year round.

You may ask, “Earth Day and marketing?” How could those two possibly go together? Today we’re going to discuss how to embrace Earth Day in your marketing efforts.

How can I reduce the file size of my PDF in order to email it? Find out the answer to this and other tips in this blog post.

Using Acrobat for prepress? This guide shows you how to add crop marks and bleeds to a PDF document.

Drip email marketing, otherwise known as drip email campaigns, is the perfect way to automate the marketing and sales process, easily converting leads into customers.

A look at the most common Acrobat tools used in print production.

Pocket Folder Dieline Template, #10 Converted Envelope Template, Remittance Envelope Templates to download.

Take a look at the selection of papers available for your print media projects.

No matter who you are or what you do, networking can help you and your business grow. Today we dive into the big benefits of joining a networking group.

All body text that you design to be black, needs to be 100% black and not a build of black. Here's why:

Your print media piece looked great on screen, but now that you have the final printed piece in your hand, the colors are dull and boring. How could you have caught this before thousands were printed? The answer is proofing. Join us as we take a look at what Printing Proofs are and how they can help you as a designer.

As a marketing professional, you may have read an ebook or two before in your day. But the real question is: have you ever considered writing one?

How can you establish your brand and make it unique? Here are ten actions to help.

Check out this list of 7 ways to keep a tight grasp on your marketing campaigns across multiple divisions.

While Twitter might be smaller than the social media giant Facebook, it’s definitely something worth attention. Today dive into why your business should have a Twitter.

Time saving keyboard shortcuts for QuarkXPress.

A look at how useful QuarkXPress is for print media.

What is SquareSpace? Should my business use SquareSpace? See our take on these and other questions.

Looking for ways to increase your brand awareness and name recognition? Start using these steps today!

An email subject line can ensure viewers actually open the email, read it and act upon it. So, how do you create a compelling email subject line? Here’s how.

Here are some tips we have come across on creative ways to reach volunteers.

A cruise offers so many ways to reduce stress and have fun while seeing exotic locations. Many cruises are all-inclusive and offer everything you need right there on the ship.

Make the most of your Google searches with these tips.

A mission statement can drive a business towards success through a strong business communication strategy. Today we discuss how to write an effective mission statement.

In this article, we will help you understand what is needed to give a more precise quote.

We sometimes get confused too.

How can you build and sustain a successful email marketing campaign for a small business? Here are the five tips to get started on a top email marketing campaign.

It’s tough to find a great commercial printer in today’s competitive market. Using these six guidelines will help you along the way.

What are some common Adobe Illustrator keyboard shortcuts? Find out in this article.

How can I create a dotted line? Why are my strokes not staying the same size when I scale my graphics? We answer six commonly asked questions about Adobe Illustrator.

A website's optimization is integral to improving marketing efforts and growing the business. Here’s some key pointers for how to search engine optimize your content.

How to get the most out of Adobe Illustrator for Print Media.

So many fonts to choose from, serif, sans serif, script, handwritten, fixed width, and they all look great! Should you choose a free font or commercial font? There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Knowing the correct panel size on a folded brochure is very important to maintain a professional look. Here are 6 common folds and panel sizes to help.

Great job to two of our employees in the 2018 McAngus Long Run!

When it comes to building strong landing pages, there are vital components. In today’s lesson of Marketing 101, learn how you can create effective landing pages.

You’ve come a long way Guttenberg! A look at the history of print.

Running is great for both your physical and mental health. Today, we ask our resident runners 7 questions about their running experience.

Infographics include information for consumers, but in a way that’s visually appealing, with short, impactful tidbits of content. But, how do marketers create infographics?

Envelopes are a major part of any business. Any envelopes that are to be mailed need to be printed to certain specifications in order to be processed by the post office. Using these remittance envelope templates will help you to properly design envelopes.

What are Pantone colors? How can I find Pantone colors in Illustrator? What is the Pantone color of the year?

Paper coatings are just as important to your print media project as color and design. Take a look at these common paper coatings manufacturers offer.

RGB mode has a larger color gamut than that of CMYK. If you are designing a piece that has to be commercially printed, you need to be working in the CMYK color space. This article looks into the differences of RGB and CMYK.

Both insourcing and outsourcing a business blog have their advantages in business, so today we’re going to take a deeper look and see which is the better fit.

A job interview is your chance to sell yourself to the company, and making a memorable first impression is key to landing that position. Let's look at 7 ways you can dress effectively for a job interview.

Love thy neighbor. Do you? Do you go out of your way to help someone, to offer your time, or your expertise? Community service and the decision to make a difference impacts so much more than service you are helping, it impacts lives.

Five ways to actively live out the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today. Advocate louder, love harder and dream your wildest dreams.

If you have a business page, how can you utilize Facebook to increase your followers and grow sales? We have some tips for how to improve your engagement on Facebook.

Knowing and using keyboard shortcuts can help shorten your production time when working in Photoshop. These keyboard shortcuts are ones I’ve used repeatedly in Photoshop.

This Photoshop tutorial will walk you through the steps of converting multiple images to the same color space.

How exactly can you utilize local search engine optimization for your website? Here are the first few steps in integrating local SEO best practices for small businesses.

With so many features, users may be urged to only use Photoshop when designing for print. Please don’t. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to using Photoshop for print media.

So how do copyright laws protect property rights and how do they affect the print industry? We'll take a look at some steps to take to make sure your images are legal to use.

It’s a new year, and a chance to take a fresh look at your budget management plan to see where your money is going. Here are some budgeting tips to get you started.

Happy New Year, From PrintSouth Printing!

If you want to make sure 2018 is successful, there are a few things to put in place now. We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to start off a new year for marketing.

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